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Digitale Kunst

Upstairs Downstairs
Abstract art in a staircase

Digitale Kunst

Moving feedom
Virtual Monument

Digitale Kunst

Waste D Land
Landscape art on the Veluwe

Digitale Kunst

Digital art
Spot the blue dot

Theeding 001 620x621

Come on In
marking at city level

Theeding 001 620x621

about (in) dispensable stuff

Folly art: Ruimtelijke kunst

Folly 90.15
useless structure in the landscape

PidG 8 300x200


Ruimtelijke kunst: Rolling Together

Rolling Together
interactive sculpture

Leegstand in de stad

Expeditie downtown Arnhem | Ruimtekoers
about disused properties in Arnhem

Community Art

We were here
casual encounters


Memorial house

sprengendorp 300

stories from the street, the city and the world

multi me 620

Multi me (Françoise)
community art project about residents of a flat and their different identities

dazzleville 300

Dazzleville (Françoise)
temporary building NDSM werf, Amsterdam

al 1 300

Artistic leader (Françoise)
Zon op zuid | Code Groen | Tussenruimte