Artist statement

Kunstconstructie was founded in 2019 by Françoise Braun (1967) and Casper Teijgeler (1972). Françoise has been trained as a spatial designer at the Academy of Visual Arts Maastricht. Casper worked as a furniture maker after his work at OMA (Rem Koolhaas) and a career in marketing. After love brought them together in 2009, they decided in 2019 to strengthen each other professionally with their talents. They have already collaborated in various projects. They find each other in the concepts and complement each other in the field of visual arts, technology and sound.

The spatial interactive objects and installations are playful, dynamic and humorous. They show how the work, the environment and public relate to each other spatially. In the developed stratified image she strives to enable people to master their surroundings and to experience them in a different new way, thus stimulating reflexion, imagination and creating new connexions.Visual artist Kunstconstructie Arnhem