ontwerp en uitvoering wachtruimte, entree, interieuradvies

Jantje Beton
waiting area in color

TV meubel

TV furniture
all cables worked away

Trap met opbergruimte voor het Heerenschip 3


Our house is enriched with a "house museum", a beautiful roof terrace, a functional loft and an almost invisible TV cabinet. Francoise and Casper are able to come up with interior solutions that are remarkably surprising or invisibly fitting. They do this by really listening to their client and looking at what suits his or her style. Quality, originality and dialogue go hand in hand with craftsmanship as the basis. So, Art-Construction.

Klushuis Arnhem

DIY housing Arnhem
CPO project Sint Martenshof

Dakterras (1) 300

space with a view

verbouwing kantoorruimte

P2 displays
renovation monumental bulb shed

DSC00977 300

shape and lines

Portret Kunstconstructie

Interior Architecture

Interior architecture is our other passion. We are happy to accept a fun assignment that challenges our creative spirit.

The combination of spatiality and experience are our most important principles. You can also see these two aspects in our artworks. What is the function of a space? How does this relate to the surrounding spaces, both spatially and to the people who will use the space? Where are the space and the possibilities literally and figuratively? We will investigate these questions and the answers can be found in our design.

Fran├žoise studied architectural design at the Academy of Visual Arts in Maastricht. Casper has a background as a furniture maker.