The oral history of the Sprengendorp

Sprengendorp presents HUIS

With a whole group of people we arrive at a well. There is a cat who listens fascinated to the sounds exhausting. Squeaks of rats, followed by a voice that tells a story of cesspools, new sewers and the inhabitants of the underground who easily found their way up. Fortunately, the Sprengendorp appears to have a hero who knows what to do with this rat plague. Before this we at a lady who told a story about the war. Everyone is asked to close their eyes and go along in their thoughts to the shelter. Made an air-raid shelter in the basement of the house, where they sat with the family and neighbors. About bombs, the smell of bread, a train journey to Utrecht and bad and good grandfathers. And especially a father who was arrested by the Germans.

Oral history

In May 2012, stories will be told in the Sprengendorp. Many stories, told from the front garden by residents of the Sprengendorp and along the way by the guides, who take the public from garden to garden. Stories that together tell the story of the Sprengendorp from 1923 to the present. Personal stories, which sometimes give a picture of the era of Apeldoorn and sometimes also contain a piece of world history. A different show every night of the weekend. The first weekend the residents of the Sprengendorp and their guests come to listen to and watch the stories. The second weekend for people from outside the village. All performances, 6 days, 2 performances per evening are full.

The preparation for these performances took more than a year. After many conversations with residents, the idea arose of a storytelling performance, to give a stage to the multitude of beautiful stories of the village. Residents became storytellers. Twelve amateur writers from Apeldoorn and the surrounding area have put the stories on paper under the guidance of a theater writing teacher and give these stories back to the residents. After that, rehearsals took place, both individually and collectively, for each evening of the performance. Sets have been devised and collected by other residents. Dress rehearsals, flyers and posters made, catering and so it slowly but surely became May 11th. The day of the first performance.

Final direction: Anouk Schouten (Markant)
Video registration: Janko Bartelink (Markant)
Supervision of writers: Marjolijn v.d. Mountain (Striking)
Photography portraits residents: Thomas Boelaars
Client: housing corporation De Goede Woning, Apeldoorn
2011 – 2012