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Artistiek leider Zon op Zuid Arnhem

Zon op Zuid

Artistic leader Zon op Zuid Arnhem
Artistic leader art project
Artistic leader Arnhem
Artistic leader social design
Artistic leader Code Groen

Code Groen

Artistic leaderr Zon op Zuid Arnhem
Artistic leader Zon op Zuid Arnhem
Artistic leader Zon op Zuid Arnhem
Artistic leader Zon op Zuid Arnhem
Artistic leader
al 13 klein 300
Artistic leader Community art

Public space as a stage for art

Community art projects by artists from different disciplines in collaboration with residents who are inspired by the overarching theme and the public space of the residents in the neighborhood. This public space is used as a stage for the presentation of their joint work of art that ensures that the public space - at least temporarily - is viewed differently and used as a new living room of the residents, an environment where people work together and they receive their visitors.

Zon op Zuid, Arnhem South Eighteen streets and their residents and eighteen artists from different disciplines work together towards a final event (May 2011) in which the streets present themselves in an artistic way
Client: Cultuurscout Lies Joosten, Kunstbedrijf Arnhem / Stichting Beleven 2010 - 2011

CODE GROEN, Apeldoorn Triennial Residents of the municipality of Apeldoorn directed by thirty artists that put the greenery in and outside the neighborhood on the map. CODE GROEN consists of 100 locations across the municipality of Apeldoorn, as a large garden with space dedicated to art projects in various places, in the course of 100 days will arise Production and Pr collaboration Caroline Lammers
Client: Foundation Triennial Apeldoorn municipality, four housing associations and welfare organization Wisselwerk 2008

Tussenruimte , Arnhem
Reasons to play in public spaces and the use of  'temporary spaces' in public space without a label, spaces between demolition and construction
Client: Cultuurscout Claudia Schouten, Kunstbedrijf Arnhem / Stichting Beleven 2010