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Digital artwork Spot the blue dot

Spot the blue dot is an interactive digital artwork about climate change as a hyperobject. Despite the corona crisis, climate change is still an acute and urgent topic.

We cannot escape the consequences of climate change, it is a crisis that is approaching us in slow motion. It's getting wetter, it's getting warmer, it's getting drier and the sea level is rising. Spot the blue dot is an artwork about climate change as a hyperobject, developed by the artist duo Kunstconstructie on behalf of Tetem. With this virtual work of art we can explore our influence on the world and the climate.

Climate scientist and NOS weatherman Peter Kuipers Munneke says that the next fifteen years will determine the climate for the next ten thousand years. Most people, companies and governments know and recognize this, but at least act accordingly. They often want to do something, but are not sure what exactly or where to start.

It is difficult to see our own role in climate change, says philosopher Timothy Morton. Morton sees climate change as a hyperobject, just like capitalism and globalization. With a hyperobject, we have trouble getting enough distance to study it. It is huge, everything is connected to everything, multiple factors play a role. An important factor is that we ourselves - as humanity - are part of it. All this makes climate change confusing. The question is what is our role as humanity within the hyperobject of climate change? What choices are we going to make for the future? Humanity is the greatest cause of climate change. Or are we - precisely because we are the main cause - also able to reverse the process of climate change?

Spot the blue dot is a virtual artwork about climate change as a hyperobject and an investigation into an overview in a situation of which you yourself are part. Is it necessary to have an overview to determine what role you want to play within a hyperobject such as climate change? What choices do you make now for the future?

Within Spot the blue dot, the public is part of the virtual work. With the cursor you change the worlds that you see. In this way you determine how far you want to go to gain an overview in a world that seems clear, but is not. Doing nothing will stop you from progressing. With the cursor you have to work to find the "blue dot" that takes you to the next world, in order to be able to view the entire work.

behind every scene is a thought: why is it that humanity does not act?

This artwork was made possible in part by the WetropolisRD consortium. Within this project group, ways and models are being developed to map the consequences of climate change on water management.

Location: online at https://tetem.nl/event/spot-the-blue-dot/ August 13 to October 31