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Folly 90.15
Folly Art Norg 2019

Folly Art Norg
Folly Art Norg
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Folly 90.15

Folly 90.15 is a useless structure, a beacon in the landscape that owes its name to the surfaces that make up the folly. These planes all consist of angles of 90 and 15 degrees. These angles provide a dynamic that is reinforced by the direction of the wood that differs per surface.

Folly 90.15 invites you to look at your surroundings in a different position than walking. A moment to step out of the routine of walking and stand still to watch in peace. The folly invites everyone to do it their way, you can lean against it, hang on it, lie or sit. Each posture has its own personal perspective, its own view of the environment with the folly as the basis for standing still.

The importance of 90.15:
  • 90.15 Finder electrical connection foot, 11 pin, color blue.
  • The wheel loader, Verniere (VF) 90.15, is also second-hand for sale.
  • Psalm 90.15 (GNB): “give us as much happiness as the sadness you gave us during all our years of misery”
  • Golden Sachs markets sells the Galapagos turbo shorts 90.15
  • The Brillus 90.15 is a hexadecimal color coding (yellow / green)
  • RAL9015, without point, is gray
  • 90.15 treatment block 3 (BC) in Ghent
  • 90.15 Code of the Federal Regulation, USA, 1973 administrative law: “conditions under which equivalents may be used”
  • On Opal actions you can bid on a brooch of 90.15 carat weight
  • The train from Luxembourg to London costs £ 90.15
  • Sandals Orange Regard raga Ladies from Labohiemmien: 90.15 euros
  • The motor element 2600W 230V too
  • St Louis Downtown Airport is located at longitude 90.15W, which is listed in their weather forecast
  • Commenwelth Considated Acts 90.15: Sect for Australian Charties and not-profit Commissions Act 2012
  • 90.15 acres are for sale in Dimmit Country Texas with 14 beds and 12 bathrooms

There are many shapes of 90.15, in various forms, materials and locations in the world. It is a number that humanity cannot do without. An important number that ensures a connection with the rest of the world.
It is time that Norg got his own 90.15 and found a connection with this impressive list of 90.15.

Folly Art Norg

Folly 90.15 can be seen from August 4 to September 4 in Norg and surroundings.
Client: Folly Art Norg

Structures without function, objects in the open air, landscape art, entertainment architecture and art in public space. For many hundreds of years people have been building these useless structures in their garden or on their land. Folly Art Norg is an event in Norg which focuses on folly's.

Other exhibitions:

Kunstmoment Diepenheim, kunstroute

The organization visited our Folly at Folly Art Norg. They contacted us whether it was possible to give the folly a place at Kunstmoment. Art can be seen in surprising places in nature, in country estates and castles, in old barns, special houses and in galleries. With around 100 participating professional artists at more than 40 locations in a specially composed route in and around Diepenheim, there is a lot to experience.

Kunstmoment Diepenheim - 17 t/m 27 oktober 2019 - daily van 11.00 tot 17.00 uur

galery "stijl", contemporary and abstract art

Hans Christian Peters and Etta Adriaanse saw our Folly at Kunstmoment Diepenheim. They asked us to place the Folly in the sculpture garden. gallery "stijl" is a gallery for contemporary abstract art with a preference for geometric work. The gallery has its origins in Arnhem in the Parkstraat. The gallery was reopened in Eefde in 2018.

Opening was: 26 April 2020 posponed until further notice due to the Corona crisis.
Zutphenseweg 132
7211EG Eefde

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