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Moving freedom
Virtual monument for freedom

Airborne march 2020 / ArtBorne 2020

Freedom of movement is defined by the dictionary as: the ability to go where you want. Wikipedia adds: having the permission or physical ability to come and go where you want or to do what you want.

2020, the year that the 74th Airborne March would be held, is a special year. The corona crisis is leaving its mark all over the world. It is the first time since the Second World War that we in the Netherlands are limited in our freedom. This is mainly a physical limitation due to the virus. Everyone's freedom of movement has decreased literally (like working from home) and more figuratively (not being able to touch each other, hugging) and that has a major impact on our daily lives. To reduce the virus, we can go where we want to go and do less what we want. It is the first year in a long tradition that the Airborne March is cancelled.

Especially in this time it is important to rethink and reflect on the concept of "freedom". Because suddenly "freedom" is no longer so self-evident for everyone. All the more reason to adapt the ArtBorne projects about freedom and to allow them to continue without the Airborne March.


Moving Freedom

The video Moving Freedom is a virtual monument to freedom with video of the 10 km march in the present. The image captures the silence in this corona time, like the first few weeks of the lockdown, when everyone is much more at home. It is a route with nature and few people.

The video lasts as long as it takes to walk the 10 km.

The soundtrack tells the story of the past, about all 73 editions before when many people walked the tour. At the same time, it tells the story of the future, of the ma5rches that will take place again when we have overcome corona and everyone has their freedom of movement again.

Moving Freedom is an art project by Kunstconstructie commissioned by the Scarabee foundation, i.c.w. PSV "Renkum", the organization of the Airborne march.

Moving freedom can be seen on September 5 from 9 a.m. on the following websites: