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Tentoonstelling ruimtelijk kunstwerk Zomer Expo

Rolling Together 
ruimtelijk kunstwerk

Tentoonstelling ruimtelijk kunstwerk Rolling Together
Ruimtelijke kunst Rolling Together
Ruimtelijke kunst Rolling Together
Ruimtelijke kunst Rolling Together

Where you have never been before (Unexplored territory)

Where you have never been is new and unknown. No image exists and no words have come to mind yet. After all you have never been there. It could be an unexplored country or a different situation in your known surroundings. Or in the mind: to think differently about matters you always took for granted and could hardly imagine they would change. There is no difference. What would happen if they did ? What would things look like? Would things improve? Because anything is now possible. Now you know what you have and where you stand.

Within all possibilities especially lay chances for improvement, solutions to existing problems and new ideas. Giving new power for people to embrace the joint achievement.
An unreachable destination for those who stay in the word they know made accessible.

A new balance
The exhibition “Do It Together Neighbourhood” explores the possible forms of self-organization within communities. The transition is complicated and takes time. As an artist we are especially interested in the frankness of people who commence such a transition of which the outcome is unknown. It is exciting. To such an extent that many tend to jam during the process. However openness is the key to join the process. The more open people are, the greater is the chance they achieve mutual consent. The will to achieve together, to trust and to cooperate, to listen and to respect each other interest me. To team up and find a new balance, a better version of the previous situation.

Art can take people to an unknown world, raise questions, can sometimes be a confrontation. Other times art can be playful or funny. Art evokes discussion, gives new insights and creates new experiences. Art enables people to think out of the box. Our work “Rolling Together” demands a joint physical effort in finding a new balance. It requires everyone to work together to become one with the object and to discover the weight and the openness they bring into the transition.

Rolling Together is exhibited in the exposition Do It Together Neighbourhood