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Upstairs Downstairs: an abstract work of art

Upstairs Downstairs is an abstract work of art, specially made for the corner in an staircase of a house in Arnhem. This corner behind which all the pipes run, runs from the bottom to the top of the house over a length of 6.5 meters, from the ground floor to the attic. This height, which is further emphasized by the narrow width of 50 cm, is an important factor. The height can also be found in another source of inspiration, how many meters you are in the stairwell above sea level and the corresponding gauge.

The result is a work that can be read by its abstract form as a dipstick or landscape with movements in horizontal and vertical direction. The artwork is made up of different layers to create depth that accentuate the different directions.

The artwork is part of the house. This creates a depth in the originally white staircase that is prominent from all over the house. It connects the floors and makes the height of the staircase tangible.

Client: Private person, Arnhem
Size: 6.5 meters by 50 cm
Material: Laser cut MDF and plywood
2020 - 2021

As a result of this work, we came up with DIY painting. Now available to everyone in our improvised webshop!

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